Fresh and Delicious Homemade Cookies in Kansas City

Valentine's Box

Perfect gift for the ones that you love!
Each box contains 6 individually wrapped cookies.
One of each:
chocolate chip, twix, snickerdoodle, sugar, monster and peanut butter.
Each box is decorated with a bow and ready for you to give to the ones you love.

Cookie of the Month

Peanut Butter

Whether you prefer chunky or creamy, these peanut butter cookies might have you changing your tune.

The Magic of a Cookie…

I’m always in awe at how much a single cookie can brighten a person’s spirits and improve even their worst day. I combined my passion for making others happy with my love of baking, added a dash of business acumen and created the perfect recipe for bringing fresh baked happiness to the community.

Baked at 375 and fresh out of the oven is Baked by Bobbi! Bringing cookie joy to people all over the Kansas City area with something as simple as a delivered box of baked goods. Just don’t forget to let them cool before enjoying!

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